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1、总是仰望和羡慕着别人的幸福,一回头,却发现自己正被仰望和羡慕着。要珍惜和感知自己真正拥有的幸福。不要让你的幸福,只是在别人眼里。Always look up and envy the happiness of others, a look back, only to find themselves are being look and envy。 To cherish and perceive their own real happiness。 Don't let your happiness, but in others' eyes。

2、千万不能因为寂寞才去爱一个人,那样你会坠入更大的寂寞之中。Don't because of lonely to love a person, then you will fell more lonely。

3、以沉默来表示爱时,其所表示的爱最多。With silence to express love, love the most。

4、男人做事总是先做后说,女人做事总是先说后做。Man said after work, I always do, the woman do after work, I always say。

5、很多人,因为寂寞而错爱了一人,但更多的人,因为错爱一人,而寂寞一生。我们可以彼此相爱,却注定了无法相守。不是我不够爱你,只是我不敢肯定,这爱,是不是最正确的。Many people, because of loneliness and wrong loves a person, but more people, because wrong loves a person, and lonely life。 We can love each other, but doomed not be together。 Not enough I love you, but I'm not sure that this love, is the most correct。

6、男人应该找个他爱的人做妻子,女人应该找一个爱她的人做老公。Man should do find a he love his wife, a woman should find a love her husband did。

7、如果你真的深爱一个人,那么就算换了时空,变了容颜,你也能从千百万人中认出那个熟悉的灵魂,然后再次地爱上他。If you really love a person, even if in time and space, has changed the appearance, you can recognize that familiar from the ten million people's soul, and then again in love with him。

8、人哪,一向只对自己宽容,对他人严苛。 but only for their tolerance, harsh to others。

9、如果不爱他的父母、同志和朋友,他就永远不会爱他所选来作他妻子的那个女人。If does not love his parents, comrades and friends, he will never love the woman he selected for his wife。

10、我喜欢并习惯了对变化的东西保持着距离,这样才会知道什么是最不会被时间抛弃的准则。比如爱一个人,充满变数,我于是后退一步,静静的看着,直到看见真诚的感情。I love and used to keeping a distance with changes, so will know what will not be abandoned by time。 Love a person, for example, is full of surprises, so I take a step back, quiet looking at, until I see the true feelings。

11、爱情中掺了假,就像醇酿中渗了水。迎着阳光开放的花朵才美丽,伴着革命理想的爱情才甜蜜。Mixed with false love, just like alcohol wine in ooze water。 Open into the sun flower is beautiful, with the revolutionary ideals to sweet love。

12、两个相爱的人在一起是一种快乐,幸福。因为不易所以才应该更加去珍惜,不要到失去的时候才懂得。同样,爱需要包容,彼此相爱的人,他们的心是彼此最温暖的。Two people who love each other together is a kind of happiness, happiness。 Because it is not easy so we should be more to cherish, when I don't want to lose to know。 Also, love needs tolerance, love each other, their heart is the most warm each other。

13、女人安慰女人时往往说自己很惨;男人安慰男人时往往说另一个男人很惨。The comfort women often said himself badly; When a man to comfort often sad said another man。

14、男人选择女人,目光瞄准脸蛋;女人选择男人,心思放在钱包。Men marry women, sights on face; Women choose men, the idea on the wallet。

15、太美丽的女人让男人失去欲望;太有钱的男人让女人缺乏安全感。Beautiful woman let a man lose the desire; Too rich men make women lack of sense of security。

16、爱情是理想的一致,意志的融合。Love is an ideal, the will of the fusion。

17、一个人总要走陌生的路,看陌生的风景,听陌生的歌,然后在某个不经意的瞬间,你会发现,原本是费尽心机想要忘记的事情真的就那么忘记了。One is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange song, then in a casual moment, you will find that originally scheming want to forget things really so forget。

18、想你的时候有些幸福,幸福得有些难过。When thinking of you some happiness, happiness some sad。

19、爱,对于婚姻来说,是很沉重的。我想,结婚,不需要太多的爱,只要合适就行。这个合适,是合适结婚。Love, for marriage, is very heavy。 I want to get married, don't need too much love, so long as appropriate。 This right, it is right to get married。

20、一生至少该有一次,为了某个人而忘了自己,不求有结果,不求同行,不求曾经拥有,甚至不求你爱我。只求在我最美的年华里,遇到你。Life at least one time that forget yourself for someone, don't beg a result, no company, no ownership, even don't beg you love me。 Just ask for meeting you in my most beautiful years。

21、在这个世界上,只有真正快乐的男人,才能带给女人真正的快乐。In this world, only the truly happy man, can give women the real happiness。

22、男人酗酒后就海阔天空地吹牛,女人酗酒后就一声不响地睡觉。Men drinking after sports to brag, women drinking after sleep silently。

23、不要为了寂寞去恋爱,时间是个魔鬼,天长日久,如果你是个多情的人,即使不爱对方,到时候也会产生感情,最后你怎么办?Don't to loneliness to love, time is a devil, over time, if you are a passionate person, even if don't love each other, and also can produce feelings, finally what would you do?

24、女人美丽的面容,是使男人拜倒的“迷魂汤”;男人的甜言蜜语,是使女人投入怀抱的“杀手锏”。Women beautiful faces, is the "magic potion" to men threw themselves; The man's sweet words, is to make the women in the "killer app" the arms。

25、我们经常忽略那些疼爱我们的人,却疼爱着那些忽略我们的人。We often ignore those who love us, love those who ignore us。

26、男人将崇拜的偶像挂在嘴上,女人将崇拜的偶像藏在心里。That man to talk about the idol of women will be the idol of hidden in the heart。

27、最浪漫的东西往往也就是最乏味的东西。一只鸟不可能在同一棵树上停留太久,否则对这鸟对这树都是一种负担,鸟儿总想去看另一片天空,而树也不愿每天面对同样的风景。The most romantic thing is often the most boring thing。 A bird can't be in the same tree stay too long, or the birds on the tree is a kind of burden, always want to see another sky, the birds and the trees are reluctant to face the same scenery every day。

28、男人唱歌爱唱歌词,女人唱歌时爱唱曲调。Men sing lyrics singing love, women love to sing the tune when singing。

29、要善待爱情,因为它不会一辈子跟着你!Should treat love, because it is not a lifetime with you!

30、爱情是不受制约的;一旦制度想施淫威,爱神就会振翅远走高飞;爱神和其他诸神一样,也是自由自在的。Love is not subject to restriction; Once the system to the Yin wei shi, god will wings fly away; Love and the other gods, is also free。

31、男人害怕权变小,女人害怕腰变粗。Men afraid of contingency is small, women fear a waist。

32、女人恋爱像走进大自然;男人恋爱像走入地下室。A woman in love like into nature; Men love like into the basement。

33、男人洗衣图快捷,女人洗衣讲干净。Man quick laundry figure, women speak clean laundry。

34、爱情不是花荫下的甜言,不是桃花源中的蜜语,不是轻绵的眼泪,更不是死硬的强迫,爱情是建立在共同语言的基础上的。Love is not a HuaYin of sweetness, not in the peach garden honey language, not light cotton tears, more is not hardcore forced, love is built on the basis of a common language。

35、人生就像一场舞会,教会你最初舞步的人却未必能陪你走到散场。Life is like a ball, your initial steps of the church who may not walk you to the present。

36、男人怕别人说小;女人怕别人说老。A man afraid of other people say small; The old woman be afraid of others said。

37、男人就像桃子,外表很软,里面很硬,要慢吃慢咬;女人就像是鸡蛋,外壳很硬,里面很软,要轻拿轻放。Men are like peaches, appearance is very soft, it is very hard, want to eat slow slow bite; A woman is like eggs, shell is very hard, very soft inside, to should take put down gently。

38、爱情之酒甜而苦。两人喝,是甘露;三人喝,是酸醋;随便喝,要中毒。Love is sweet and bitter。 Two people to drink, is dew; Three people drink vinegar; Casually drinks to poisoning。

39、爱上一个人容易,等平淡了后,还坚守那份诺言,就不容易了。After falling in love with a person easily, such as flat, also stick to the promise, is not easy。

40、在语言上,女人像个漏斗,男人像个容器;在生活上,男人却像个漏斗,女人像个容器。In language, women like a funnel, and men like a container; In life, the man is like a funnel, and women like a container。

41、女生还是要努力让自己出色些,从能力到容貌。Girl or try to make yourself better, from the ability to appearance。

42、男人有钱就变坏,女人变坏就有钱。Men rich go bad, women become bad is rich。

43、男人在花开时就盼着结果;女人却在花季里想到落叶。When men in bloom, looking forward to the results; Women are thought of fallen leaves in the flower season。

44、成功男人的背后都有一个女人的支持;成功女人的背后都有一堆男人的支持。Successful man, there is a woman behind the support; Behind successful woman, there is a pile of man's support。

45、男人有情人会有一种成就感,女人有情人会有一种负罪感。Men lovers will have a sense of accomplishment, women lovers there will be a kind of guilt。

46、真正的爱情是吸引而不是控制,更不是占有。True love is not control, more is not occupy。

47、男人无情地把初恋情人当做一次性饮料,满足渴望后毫不吝啬地扔掉;女人深情地把初恋情人当做哺育成人的乳汁,一辈子品尝他的回味。Man mercilessly first lover to be a one-time drink and satisfy the desire after none miserly to throw it away; The first lover woman affectionately as milk, of feed the adult lifetime taste his aftertaste。

48、爱是亘古长明的灯塔,它定晴望着风暴却兀不为动,爱就是充实了的生命,正如盛满了酒的酒杯。Love is everlasting long out of the lighthouse, it set clear looking at the storm is not upright to move, love is life in its fulness like the cup with its wine。

49、如果爱他,接受他的现在,别幻想他的改变。If love him, accept him now, don't fantasy of his change。

50、爱是磕磕碰碰中的修修补补。Love is always in the tinkering。

51、一段不被接受的爱情,需要的不是伤心,而是时间,一段遗忘的时间。一颗被深深伤了的心,需要的不是同情,而是明白。A unacceptable love needs no sorrow, but time, a forgotten time。 A was deeply hurt my heart, need is not sympathy, but understand。

52、如果一个人把生活兴趣全部建立在爱情那样暴风雨般的感情冲动上,那是会令人失望的。If a person all the life interest based on that stormy emotional love, that is disappointing。

53、女人能够忍受不幸的婚姻,不能忍受不幸的爱情;男人能够忍受不幸的爱情,不能忍受不幸的婚姻。A woman can bear a bad marriage, cannot tolerate unhappy love; Men can stand adversity of love, can't put up with a bad marriage。

54、女人吻男人算是一种幸福;男人吻女人算是一种口福。Women kiss men is a kind of happiness; A man kisses his woman he thinks "the luck to eat STH delicious。

55、你想要享受快乐,也就要有勇气承受背后的悲哀。You want to enjoy happiness, will also have the courage to bear the sadness behind。

56、真爱是需要时间去检验的。True love is need time to test。

57、男人有泪不轻弹,女人有愁就流泪。A man weep not flick, women had a sad tears。

58、男人考验女人的办法是远走高飞;女人考验男人的办法是约会迟到。Man test method is to run away; The woman the test man's way is a lateness for an appointment。

59、假如你记不住你为了爱情而做出来的一件最傻的事,你就不算真正恋爱过;假如你不曾絮絮地讲你恋人的好处,使听的人不耐烦,你就不算真正恋爱过。If you don't remember you for love and make a the most silly thing, you are not really love; If you never pour to talk about the benefits of your lover, impatient, listen to the people you are not really in love before。

60、真正的爱情是不能用言语表达的,行为才是忠心的最好说明。True love cannot be expressed in words, loyalty behaviour is the best explanation。

61、男人喜欢夸耀他的勇敢追求;女人喜欢夸耀她的理智回绝。Men like to boast about his brave pursuit; Women like to boast about her reason to reject。

62、上帝创造了男人是为了使他孤独,而创造女人是为了让他更孤独。God created man to make him lonely, and create a woman is to make him more lonely。

63、爱情就像银行里存一笔钱,能欣赏对方的优点,就像补充收入;容忍对方缺点,这是节制支出。所谓永恒的爱,是从红颜爱到白发,从花开爱到花残。Love is like bank deposit a sum of money, can appreciate each other's strengths, as supplementary income; Tolerate each other's faults, it is spending restraint。 Is the so-called eternal love, from love to white hair, from love to the flowers flower residue。

64、曾经相遇,曾经相爱,曾经在彼此的生命光照,就记取那份美好,那份甜蜜。虽然无缘,也是无憾。Did meet, used to love, once in each other's life light, just remember that good, that is sweet。 Although no and no。

65、男人赚钱后想和老婆离婚;男人赚不到钱老婆想和他离婚。Men earn money after want to divorce his wife; Man can't make money wife want to divorce him。

66、爱情像衣服,虽然很多,但适合的只有一件。Love is like clothes, although many, but for only one。

67、男人获得爱的方式是迅速出击,在燃烧中拥抱爱的烈焰;女人获得爱的方法是缓慢地渗透,然后在平静中品尝爱的芬芳。Men get love way is to strike quickly, embrace love flame in the combustion of; The woman acquire the method of love to be to slow-movingly permeate, then taste love in the equanimity of fragrant。

68、男人为结婚而恋爱;女人为爱情而结婚。Men love to get married; Women marry for love。

69、不要轻易让自己掉眼泪,你笑,全世界跟着笑。你哭,全世界只有你一个人在哭。Don't let yourself cry, you laugh, the world laugh。 You cry, the world only you a person in tears。

70、我爱你,不是因为你是一个怎样的人,而是因为与你在一起时,我变成了怎样的自己。I love you, not because you is a how of person, but because of who I am with you, I became how to myself。

71、爱情是兴致勃勃的外来客,是外来的自我。Love is a foreign guest cheerfully, is outside of self。

72、爱情原来本就是海里的沙,只有你用心去呵护它,用泪和心血去滋润它,让它沉醉于心才能成为一颗水晶。Love this is the sand of the sea, only you intentions to caress it, with tears and efforts to nourish it, let it indulge in heart to become a single crystal。

73、缘起缘灭,缘浓缘淡,不是我们能控制的,我们能做到的,是在因缘际会的时候好好的珍惜那短暂的时光。Origin edge, edge thick edge light, not we can control, we can do, is thoroughly cherish when karma that short time。

74、暗恋最伟大的行为,是成全,你不爱我,但我成全你。真正的暗恋是一种事业,不因他远离你而放弃,没有这种情操,就不要轻信暗恋。Has a crush on one of the greatest behavior, it is done, you don't love me, but I carry you。 Real unrequited love is a kind of business, not for him to stay away from you and give up, no such sentiment, don't trust unrequited love。

75、真爱令人容光焕发,想要为了心上的人做得更好,变得更好,因为有了对方的青睐的眼光,就好像浑身抹了润滑油,上足了发条,干什么都不觉得的累,干什么都想干得完美。Love is a radiant, want to heart do better and better, because of each other's eyes, as if the whole body with lubricating oil, enough wind-up, what all don't feel tired, what all want to do perfect。

76、时间与记忆背道而驰,记忆被投递到虚无之中,开始成为无始无终。Time and memory, memory is delivered to nothingness, began to be without beginning or end。