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1、游手好闲地学习,并不比学习游手好闲好。——约翰?贝勒斯  An idle to study, is not better than learning idle.

2、学习如果想有成效,就必须专心。学习本身是一件艰苦的事,只有付出艰苦的劳动,才会有相应的收获。——谷超豪  Learn if you want to be productive, you have to concentrate on. Learning itself is a hard thing to do, only hard work pay, will have the corresponding harvest.

3、学到很多东西的诀窍,就是一下子不要学很多。——洛克  Learn a lot of tricks, just suddenly don't learn a lot.

4、学习有如母亲一般慈爱,它用纯洁和温柔的欢乐来哺育孩子,如果向它要求额外的报酬,也许就是罪过。——巴尔扎克  Learning as mother love, be it with pure and gentle joy to nurture a child, if to ask additional reward, perhaps is sin.

5、你们要学习思考,然后再来写作。——布瓦罗  You learn to think, and then to writing.

6、少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。——《汉乐府·长歌行》  A young don't work hard, idle young, needy old.

7、读书和学习是在别人思想和知识的帮助下,建立起自己的思想和知识。——普希金  Reading and learning is in others' thoughts and knowledge with the help of established his own ideas and knowledge.

8、青春是有限的,智慧是无穷的,趁短的青春,去学习无穷的智慧。——高尔基  Youth is limited, wisdom is boundless, while short youth, to learn to infinite wisdom.

9、一般青年的任务,尤其是共产主义青年团及其他一切组织的任务,可以用一句话来表示,就是要学习。——列宁  Generally the mission of the youth, especially the communist youth league and other all the organization's mission, can use a word to say, is to learn.

10、求学的三个条件是:多观察多吃苦多研究。——加菲劳  To study the three conditions: seeing much suffering much and studying much.

11、在今天和明天之间,有一段很长的时间;趁你还有精神的时候,学习迅速地办事。——歌德  Between today and tomorrow, have a very long time; While you still have the spirit of the time, learning quickly.

12、我的努力求学没有得到别的好处,只不过是愈来愈发觉自己的无知。——笛卡儿  I didn't get other benefits, effort study is just more and find his own ignorance.

13、学习有两忌,自高和自狭。——书摘  Study two cream, since the high and narrow.

14、学习这件事不在乎有没有人教你,最重要的是在于你自己有没有觉悟和恒心。——法布尔  Studies this matter doesn't care about anyone to teach you, is the most important thing is that you yourself whether you consciousness and perseverance.

15、生而知之者上也;学而知之者次也;困而学之又其次也;困而不学,民斯为下矣。——《论语》  Man is born wise or learned on; Learn and know the time; And second is trapped and learn; Trapped without learning, people, for the next.

16、青年是学习智慧的时期,中年是付诸实践的时期。——卢梭  Youth is time to learn wisdom, middle-aged period is put into practice.

17、读书是最好的学习。追随伟大人物的思想,是最富有趣味的一门科学。——普希金  Reading is one of the best learning. Follow the ideas of the great man, and is one of the most interesting science.

18、求学将以致用;读书先在虚心。——《对联集锦》  Studies that use; In humble before reading.

19、未来真正出色的企业,将是能够设法使各阶层人员全心投入,并有能力不断学习的组织。——彼得?圣吉  In the future truly outstanding enterprises will be able to try to make the whole heart into all levels of personnel, and have the ability to keep on learning organization.

20、学习中经常取得成功可能会导致更大的学习兴趣,并改善学生作为学习的自我概念。——布鲁姆  Often success in learning could lead to a greater interest in learning, and improve the self concept of students as a learning.

21、如果学习只在于模仿,(next88)那么我们就不会有科学,也不会有技术。——高尔基  If learning is only imitate, then we wouldn't have science, there will be no technology.

22、学习,学习,再学习!学,然后知不足。——列宁  Study, study, study again! To learn, and then know.

23、只要心还在跳,就要努力学习。——张海迪  As long as the heart still beating, must study hard.

24、我认为人生最美好的主旨和人类生活最幸福的结果,无过于学习了。——巴尔扎克  I think the most beautiful and good life purpose and result of human life the most happiness, is studied.

25、学习知识要善于思考,思考,再思。我就是靠这个方法成为科学家的。——爱因斯坦  Learning knowledge to be good at thinking, thinking, think again. I am on the method to become scientists.

26、加紧学习,抓住中心,宁精勿杂,宁专勿多。——周恩来  Study harder, seize the center, ning jing not miscellaneous, better designed than more.

27、只要还有什么东西不知道,就永远应当学习。——小塞涅卡  As long as there's something I don't know, you should study forever.

28、经常不断地学习,你就什么都知道。你知道得越多,你就越有力量。——高尔基  Always keep learning, you will know everything. The more you know, the more you have the strength.

29、学习和研究好比爬梯子,要一步一步地往上爬,企图一脚跨上四五步,平地登天,那就必须会摔跤了。——华罗庚  Study and research is like climbing a ladder to climb step by step, to a foot up four or five steps, the ground's day, that must be wrestling.

30、只要愿意学习,就一定能够学会。——列宁  As long as willing to learn, it will be able to learn.

31、要在座的人都停止了说话的时候,有了机会,方才可以谦逊地把问题提出,向人学习。——约翰?洛克  To present people stopped talking, had the opportunity, just can humbly put forward the question and learn from people.

32、培育能力的事必须继续不断地去做,又必须随时改善学习方法,提高学习效率,才会成功。——叶圣陶  To foster ability must continue to do, and must improve the learning method, at any time to improve the learning efficiency, will succeed.

33、我们愈是学习,愈觉得自己的贫乏。——雪莱  The more we learn, the more feel poor.

34、对我来说,不学习,毋宁死。——罗蒙诺索夫  For me, I don't work, or give me death.

35、我们不需要死读硬记,我们需要用基本的知识来发展和增进每个学习者的思考力。——列宁  We don't need to die to read hard to remember, we need to use the basic knowledge to develop and enhance each learner's thinking.

36、不要靠馈赠来获得一个朋友。你须贡献你挚情的爱,学习怎样用正当的方法来赢得一个人的心。——苏格拉底  Don't try to win a friend by gift. You must contribute ZhiQing love and learn how to use proper methods to win one's heart.

37、人不光是靠他生来就拥有一切,而是靠他从学习中所得到的一切来造就自己。——歌德  People not only is he was born with everything, but by him from learning to get everything to make yourself.

38、天赋如同自然花木,要用学习来修剪。——培根  Talents are like natural plants, that learning is to be used for pruning.

39、聪明在于学习,天才在于积累。所谓天才,实际上是依靠学习。——华罗庚  Smart is to learn, genius is gained by accumulation. The so-called genius, in fact, depend on learning.

40、学习是劳动,是充满思想的劳动。——乌申斯基  Learning is labor, it is full of ideological work.

41、我学习了一生,现在我还在学习,而将来,只要我还有精力,我还要学习下去。——别林斯基  I studied the life, now I also in learning, and in the future, as long as I still have the energy, I wanted to go on learning.

42、读和写是学生最必要的两种学习方法,也是通向周围世界的两扇窗口。——苏霍姆林斯基  Students reading and writing are two of the most necessary method of study, and leads to two window of the world around them.